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Aino Ackte in "Salome" c1910 (Library of Congress)

Ken Russell’s 1988 film Salome’s Last Dance is available on Youtube.

I’m surprised, because most of the full-length movies on Youtube are crap, and I enjoyed this one quite a lot when I saw it in a theater at the time if its original release.


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Thanks, Scotteriology!

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Gertrude Hoffmann, scantily-dressed for role in opera, "Salome," c1908 (Library of Congress)

Ken Russell’s 1988 film, Salome’s Last Dance, is on Youtube! OMG!

I saw this movie years and years ago, and I’m delighted to be able to watch it again.

I’ve added a bunch of new links in the TV/Video section over in the right sidebar for sites that have full-length movies and short films.

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Senator Richard M. Nixon, standing behind microphones, accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination (1952)

Senator Richard M. Nixon, standing behind microphones, accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination (1952)

Back on November 19th I reviewed this stinker of a movie from one clip I had seen with Kevin Bacon and Michael Sheen.

I saw a second clip this morning — this one with Michael Sheen (as Frost) and Frank Langella “playing” Nixon.

Please, people — watching this movie will be time you can never get back. Is your life worth so little?

I am astonished that this Sheen-Langella-Bacon vehicle has been anything other than roundly panned.

If you’re hot on Watergate and fascinated by Nixon, what I recommend instead of this make-your-brain-bleed-it-is-that-bad made-for-TV-movie is that you watch the actual recorded interviews of Nixon by Sir David Frost now out on DVD.

You will get to watch the actual interviews! Instead of history filtered through truly atrocious acting.

Why get your history from a secondary source when you have a primary source right handy?

Jon Stewart interviewed David Frost recently and they talked about Nixon and the interviews. I highly recommend watching it.

If you can’t buy it, check your local public library. Many have very good collections of movies, documentaries, recorded books (one of my favorite things to listen to in the car).

(Photograph courtesy of The Library of Congress)

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This movie is a complete stinker. Kevin Bacon and Michael Sheen both set some kind of record for worst performance in a movie ever. I nominate them together for the 2009 Razzie Award.

Sometimes all you need to see is the trailer. Once.

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Sir David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon for 28 hours over a period of 12 days in 1977. The interview(s) have recently been released on DVD.

Jon Stewart interviewed Frost on The Daily Show this past Monday.

Here’s a link to the pertinent clip from the show.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

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