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Our Gracie and Mr. Mittens relaxing.  February 2010

Mr. Mittens was born some time during the early summer of 2003 and died on Wednesday, August 11, 2010. He was one of the great cats.

He joined the household in 2004 after falling in love with our Gracie. He just moved right in, to the annoyance of the woman who owned him. He was a very big boy, with a head the size of a softball and weighing 27 pounds, but he was all love, unless you were a bird in the yard. Bird catching was his favorite hobby.

Mr. Mittens was such a sweetheart. Always good humored, even when our Gracie would block him from coming in the house.

Having been raised with dogs, it was no surprise that when I brought home our Lucy a few weeks ago, he made her feel right at home.

We are all very sad that he is gone.


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So Sad

Harvey Pekar, who documented the “99 percent of life that nobody ever writes about” in his autobiographical comic book series American Splendor, has died at age 70.

Condolences to his family and friends.

You can read twenty-five years of interviews of Harvey Pekar here, in a limited form, or buy it here.

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I first fell in love with Kate McGarrigle‘s voice listening to The McGarrigle Hour which has on it both of the songs I’m posting here.

Condolences to her family and friends.

Gentle Annie” (1856)
Written and Composed by
Stephen Collins Foster, 1826-1864

Thou wilt come no more, gentle Annie,
Like a flower thy spirit did depart;
Thou art gone, alas! like the many
That have bloomed in the summer of my heart.

Shall we never more behold thee;
never hear thy winning voice again —
When the Spring time comes, gentle Annie,
When the wild flowers are scattered o’er the plain?

We have roamed and loved mid the bowers
When thy downy cheeks were in their bloom;
Now I stand alone mid the flowers
While they mingle their perfumes o’er thy tomb.

Ah! the hours grow sad while I ponder

Near the silent spot where thou art laid,
And my heart bows down when I wander
By the streams and the meadows where we strayed.

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Kids in fenced enclosure in front of stockade. Ranch in Sutton County, Texas

Kids in fenced enclosure in front of stockade. Ranch in Sutton County, Texas c.1940 (Library of Congress)

I didn’t know about Percy Sutton until I read of his death earlier today, but if half the stuff that’s written about him is true, the world has lost a great individual. He wasn’t just “a true hero to African-Americans across the country,” as President Obama said, but to all Americans who value public service.

He started out life as one of 15 children born in San Antonio, Texas. His father was a former slave but went on to be a civil rights leader and high school principal who saw 12 of his surviving children graduate from college.

Condolences to his family and friends.

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John Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)

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Edge of the American West has some links.

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If you are not familiar with Jim Carroll’s body of work, visit his website.

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