Bolognese sauce

I love peanut sauce on noodles and chicken. This one sounds great with the addition of lime juice, though I’d like to know where they get limes that yield three tablespoons of juice per lime!

Ooh! Eight pasta dishes that don’t require a trip to the store!

I’ve tried several variations of Peruvian Pesto but this one is the best.

When you are truly down to nothing to eat in the house, you are saved by this delicious dinner of Brown Butter Parmesan Pasta.

Or you can make Miso-Buttered Mushrooms and Noodles although you will need to go to the store for mushrooms.

Another “desperate times call for delicious measures” option for when the cupboard is bare 3-ingredient Buttery White Wine Pasta.

Cacio e Pepe – when the directions say to use finely grated cheese, follow the directions. I had cheese that I grated using my barrel grater and was too lazy to run it through the food processor. This recipe says it serves two to three but it easily serves four when accompanied by a chicken cutlet.

Avocado and spinach pasta is basically a pesto with most of the basil repaced with avocado and fresh spinach. Yum!


Toad in the Hole – it’s Yorkshire Pudding with sausages baked into it, then covered in a beefy onion gravy. Just the ticket! Don’t live in England and can’t get Cumberland sausage? Any sausage will work, although you obviously want to match your gravy up with the herbs/spices in your chosen sausage.


I love sweet potatoes. I still haven’t made sweet potato soup but any minute I will. This African sweet potato soup sounds super delicious.

This Tomato Tortellini Soup sounds like a good base recipe. It would benefit from some veggies.


In past years I have posted a couple chicken recipes that you’ll find by doing a word search for chicken. At some point I’ll link them here but for now you get to do the work. It will be worth your time.

Ignore the lactose intolerant business unless it affects you. The recipes for gremolata chicken, pea risotto (using “real” cream), and lemon spinach sound delicious.

Curried chicken salad with roasted carrots and dried fruit.

This is an absolutely brilliant recipe for Butter Chicken. So delicious!

An old standard, an adaptation of Madhur Jaffrey’s chicken cooked with yogurt.

The best way to cook chicken breast for salads or other things – moist and perfect.

Fast and easy Bruschetta Chicken.

This slow-cooker recipe for whole chicken in coconut milk sounds brilliant.

Mmmm, chicken Schnitzel with chili, tomato and mozzarella sounds fantastic but you’ll need to prepare the vincotto in advance.

Za’atar Roast Chicken with Green Tahini Sauce. Parsley makes the sauce green. So nice!

You could use any leftovers of this Peruvian-style Roast Chicken with tangy Green Sauce and salad in a multitude of ways to keep you happy all week.


Pork schnitzel with creamy mushroom sauce – just the thing!

There is something about pork, mushrooms and cream that I love. Don’t want to fry? Here’s a recipe for pork medallions in a creamy mushroom sauce. You’re welcome.

For these Parmesan-crusted pork chops, be sure you use finely grated, not shredded Parmesan, so it sticks to the pork well. This worked better than mixing the Parm and breadcrumbs, as I have done previously. My pork chops were thinner than Giada indicates, so they cooked faster. I would be concerned about 3/4 inch chops cooking through before the breading got too dark.

Garlic-Lime Marinated Pork Chops for the win!

Is there anything better than pork chops and apple? One pan pork chops with apples and onions for the win!

Garlic-rosemary marinade for grilled pork – nice!

Pork chops with Sauerkraut and apples.

This is fantastic! So simple! Homemade sausage – patties for lovely breakfast sammies or made into sausage gravy!

Slow-cooker Pork and Cider Stew – you’ll want some nice bread to sop up the gravy!

I loved Fig Newtons before they changed the recipe (they’re dead to me now) but I have never had fig jam. This sounds like a delicious opportunity – Fig, Prosciutto and Mascarpone on Sweet Potato Crackers.

Cheddar Chompers (bite-size cheese crackers)


Blind baking pie crust has always been a struggle. Using sugar as a pie weight (and refrigerating the rolled-out dough in the pan beforehand) sounds like a perfect solution.

The science of pie dough.

More pie dough science.

Crazy gorgeous pie crusts that even YOU can make!

Apple hand pies.