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Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (some time between 1902 and 1910) Frances Benjamin Johnston, photographer (Library of Congress)

Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (some time between 1902 and 1910) Frances Benjamin Johnston, photographer (Library of Congress)

I have been spending entirely too much time goofing around in the intertoobs, but I’ve come across some really excellent blogs I wanted to bring to your attention.

All the blogs in my side bar are very fine establishments which I encourage you to visit, these are just a few of my more recent discoveries, in no particular order:

The Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel was founded in February 2005 by J. Thomas Duffy. Mr. Duffy has written humor, sports and just about everything else since 1975 – sometimes even getting paid to do so! His experience includes stand-up comedy (both as writer and performer), newspaper reporting and public relations and promotional work. Mr. Duffy has authored three unpublished children’s books that are currently collecting dust. Mr. Duffy enjoys examining the possibility that the dog salivating made Pavlov ring the bell

Mr. Duffy not only writes well but he’s talking to people and writing about stuff that the other bloggers I read are not. Plus he’s got great taste in music. Did I mention he’s in Boston?

Texas is a hotbed of high quality bloggers. I Blame The Patriarchy is “the patriarchy-blaming blog that has been advancing the radical feminist views of Jill Psmith, a gentleman farmer and spinster aunt doing the butt-dance in Rattlesnake, Texas, since 2004.” I particularly enjoy her “heartwarming nature crap.”

“The website formerly known as The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.,” is owned and operatead by Susan DuQuesnay Bankston who lives “in [the] heart of Tom DeLay’s old district. It’s crazy here. No, seriously, it’s triple z crazzzy.” Susan does local and national politics like nobody’s business.

The blogger known as Dr. Isis has some fancy-sounding degrees and is a physiologist at a major research university working on some terribly impressive stuff. She blogs about balancing her research career with the demands of raising small children, how to succeed as a woman in academia, and anything else she finds interesting. Also, she blogs about shoes. In fact, she blogs a lot about shoes.

And she’s modest too.

About 80% of what Dr. Isis writes is the God’s honest truth. About 20% is total nonsense. Dr. Isis makes no claims as to which is which and neither should you.

She’s parked at the intersection of science and society but she’s not kidding about the shoes.

Danielle Belton writes about “politics, pop culture and pretentiousness” and does a very fine job of providing a window on conversations you don’t hear anywhere else. I love the Hot Topics section — “a place for readers to trade links, post topics and discuss all things “snobbish.”

The name doesn’t exactly scream “food!” but as it says in the header, Hugging The Coast is “a daily updated celebration of coastal food.” It is a treasure trove of deliciousness. The owner/operator/photographer Doug Ducap, a former New York cab driver, posts original recipes which delight the palate and the eye.


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Go visit. Tell me I’m wrong to think Hugging The Coast is the best food blog ever.

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Second inauguration of President William McKinley, 24th President of the United States (1897 - 1901), March 4, 1901.

Second inauguration of President William McKinley, 24th President of the United States (1897 - 1901), March 4, 1901.

I did an earlier post about the menu and history of today’s inaugural luncheon which has a link to the recipes, but I came across the menu and recipes from President McKinley’s 1901 inaugural luncheon and I thought it was a little more up my alley.

  • Lobster Pot Pie
  • Grenadine of Beef Supreme
  • Root vegetable puree
  • Sticky toffee pudding

Here are the recipes. Bon apetit, as Julia would say.

If you would like to know about other past American presidents, try here or here.

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Willard Hotel - dining room (circa 1910)

Willard Hotel - dining room (circa 1910)

I heard in passing from the teevee this morning that President Obama’s inaugural luncheon menu is going to contain some of President Abraham Lincoln’s personal favorites. That has been confirmed by googling around.

In addition to Obama’s affinity for this particular past American president, another reason for the Lincoln-oriented menu, which will be served on replicas of Lincoln’s White House china, is that 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, an event to be acknowledged and celebrated.

According to the inaugural committee, Lincoln “favored simple foods, including root vegetables and wild game. As his tastes matured, he become fond of stewed and scalloped oysters. For dessert or a snack, nothing pleased him more than a fresh apple or an apple cake.”

The relatively simple menu is described as follows:

  • Seafood Stew accompanied by Duckhorn Vineyards, 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
  • Brace of American birds (pheasant and duck), served with Sour Cherry Chutney and Molasses Sweet Potatoes and accompanied by Goldeneye, 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
  • Apple Cinnamon Sponge Cake and Sweet Cream Glacé , with Korbel Natural “Special Inaugural Cuvée,” California Champagne

President Lincoln had his 1861 inauguration dinner at the Willard Hotel where he enjoyed “Mock Turtle Soup, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Parsley Potatoes and Blackberry Pie.”

Interestingly, the term “lobbyists” was coined by General Ulysses S. Grant after spending time hanging around the lobby of the Willard Hotel during his presidency.

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Chicken Fried Bacon!

Now you can make it at home!

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Inflatable Toast

Toast is great, but it’s hard to keep in your pocket. So what do you do when you crave the warm comfort of toast but don’t want to deal with the crumbs? You pull out your Inflatable Toast, blow it up and admire its realistic toasty goodness! Each soft vinyl slice of toast is 6″ tall and has a standard inflation valve.

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The ever vigilant Steve Benen alerts us that in honor of Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of these United States Ben & Jerry’s is renaming its butter pecan ice cream.

“YES PECAN!” An Inspirational Blend! Amber Waves of Buttery Ice Cream With Roasted Non-Partisan Pecans

Ben & Jerry’s will be donating the proceeds from all January Scoop Shop sales of “Yes Pecan!” to the Common Cause Education Fund.

In addition, for every person who joins Common Cause or donates $1 to the Common Cause Education Fund (presumably during January), Ben & Jerry’s will also donate $1.

Mmmm! Contributing to the public good never tasted so good!

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