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Foraging for food, city dump, Dubuque, Iowa. Produce houses dump apples, grapefruit, etc., which are not quite bad. 1940 April. John Vachon, photographer (Library of Congress) (Click on image to view larger)

From Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon in which Charles Mason describes going to the site of what could be the Conestoga Massacre of 1764 where 16 Conestoga men, women and children were cruelly and maliciously slaughtered at the jail in Lancaster where they had sought refuge.

The next Day, he creeps out before Dixon is awake, and goes to the Site of last Year’s Massacre by himself. He is not as a rule sensitive to the metaphysickal Remnants of Evil,– none but the grosser, that is, the Gothickal, are apt to claim his Attention,– yet here in the soil’d and strewn Courtyard where it happen’d, roofless to His Surveillance,– and to His Judgment, prays Mason,– he feels “like a Nun before a Shrine,” as he later relates it to Dixon, who has in fact slept till well past noon, as Shifts and Back-shifts of Bugs pass to and fro, inspecting his Mortal Envelope. “Almost a smell,” Mason quizzickally, his face, it seems to Dixon, unuusually white, “–not the Drains, nor the Night’s Residency,– I cannot explain,– it quite Torpedo’d me.”

“Eeh! Sounds worth a Visit …?”

“Acts have consequences, Dixon, they must. These Louts believe all’s right now, — that they are free to get on with the Lives that to them are no doubt important, — with no Glimmer at all of the Debt they have taken on. That is what I smell’d, — Lethe-Water. One of the things the newly-born forget, is how terrible its Taste, and Smell. In Time, these People are able to forget ev’rything. Be willing but to wait a little, and ye may gull them again and again, however ye wish, — even unto their own Dissolution. In America, as I apprehend, Time is the true River that runs ’round Hell.”

As Americans, we like to think that only “other,” “uncivilized” people engage today in this kind of behavior, that when “we” do it, it’s an aberration, “a few bad apples.”

When you destroy the Rule of Law, this is what you will get. It is not enough to hope that there is a god who will punish those directly responsible, because all who do not act to prevent it are responsible.

Does the political party for which you usually vote harbor and encourage people who routinely seek to violate the rights of others and the rule of law?

Think about that before you pull the lever.

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The Mississippi state, Christian and American flags fly from bent poles in front of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Yazoo, Miss. after a tornado hit the area, Saturday, April 24, 2010. (AP Photo)

Is God telling HBC to get bent?

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"Join my club and be free of any obligation to act morally here on earth!"

Currier & Ives--Sacred Heart of Jesus: Published by N. Currier, between 1835 and 1856. (Library of Congress)

Brit Hume is still very concerned about Tiger Woods refusal to convert to Christianity.

Would he be so concerned if Woods was not of dusky hue?

Would he be so concerned if we didn’t currently have a president who is of dusky hue and rumored to be a sekrit Muslim and a terrorist sympathizer?

It sure must be great to be a Christian like Hume — adherents of a theology of instant forgiveness where being Christian means never having to say you’re sorry.

Jerry Leachman, “connected to McLean Bible Church in Virginia, a conservative evangelical body committed to biblical inerrancy,” leads the home bible study for Hume and his fellow travelers. Lon Solomon, senior pastor at McLean Bible Church, is chairman of the board of directors executive committee for Jews for Jesus.

Don’t worry that Hume can’t enjoy all those things forbidden by the bible. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy is the fingers-crossed-behind-the-back that permits Christians to point to the bible to deny women control of their bodies, advocate murder of homosexuals and Muslims, both foreign and domestic, and to condemn membership in labor unions while enjoying oysters, clams, lobsters and a nice pork roast with a second, third or fourth wife.

How do we know that adherence to Christianity is the answer?  Brit Hume’s prosperity and financial losses suffered by Tiger Woods’ sponsors.

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